Miss Venezuela 2004, Mónica Spear was shot dead

Monica Spear, 29, and her British husband Thomas Berry, 39, have been shot dead in their car in Venezuela.

Miss Venezuela 2004, Mónica Spear

Mónica Spear Mootz was a Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder and actress who won Miss Venezuela 2004 and represented her country at Miss Universe 2005 where she finished as 4th Runner-Up.

Miss Venezuela 2004, Mónica Spear

Over the holidays, Spear was in Venezuela on vacation visiting various regions of the country with her husband and their five-year-old daughter. On a highway in central Carabobo state, when the family were inside their car waiting to be helped after the vehicle had broken down, Spear and Berry were killed during an attempted robbery and their daughter was wounded in her leg. The police reported that the incident occurred at about 21:00-22:00. They also assumed that the thieves tried to rob them, while the media speculated that they tried to resist the robbery. They also claimed Spear received multiple injuries and her husband was shot once in the chest.

Miss Venezuela 2004, Mónica Spear

On the initial suggestion that her husband was Irish, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs was investigating the incident. However, local police said he was travelling on a British passport. The international media also highlighted the rising rate of crime in Venezuela.

Monica Spear waves to the crowd after winning the Miss Venezuela pageant in 2004

Monica Spear finished as the fourth runner-up in the 2005 Miss Universe pageant

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