Miss Jamaica World 2011 Pageant

Miss Jamaica World 2011:

The 20 finalists in Miss Jamaica World 2011

Miss Jamaica World 2011 will be held on August 27, 2011. 20 finalists vying for the title. The winner will represent Jamaica in Miss World 2011.

Twenty finalists are: Tiffanny Ellis, Hollanders Myers, Paula-Kay Beswick, Liane Chung, Gabrielle Blackwood, Maya Wilkinson, Arielle Foote, Dahlia Dwyer, Danielle Crosskill, Rene Harris, Reeshma Ragbeer,Kayla Mendes, Roxanne Elliott, Zhara McGraham, Tiffany Trotter, Michelle Daley, Chantel Davis, Leisa Williams, Monique Brady and Chavoy Gordon.


Courtesy of Miss Jamaica World.

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